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Sonax Wheel Cleaner Refill (1.3 gal)


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Sonax Wheel Cleaner Refill

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Product Description

Gloss enhancing polymer spray designed to maintain, renew and amp u the gloss of your vehicle. Special Montan Wax formulation works great with existing HD surface protectants as well as bare finishes. HD Express can be used as a stand-alone protectant, in between sealing or after each wash regiment to greatly extend the longevity of your shine. Easily adds a super slick and glossy appearance that will make your car look like you spent hours waxing it. HD Express can hide light surface marring and also be used to remove minor surface contaminants such as dust, bugs and smears. Extremely durable when used in conjunction with other HD Car Care exterior products. HD Express will not discolor trim and is safe on all exterior surfaces including glass. Great at car shows where squeezing that last bit of extra gloss is essential for an award winning shine. The more you treat your car to this coating, the greater the barrier you will have against environmental contaminants such as hard water spots, pollutants, acid rain, tree sap and bird droppings.


Liquid Gloss Booster. Surface Protection Extender. Spray Protectant.

Extra Info

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Waterless Wash:Work in sections and spray generously over entisurface allowing the cleaning polymers to quickly encapsulate dirt, gently wipe surface with a clean soft microfiber towel collecting dirt into towel, continuously fold towel to reveal clean side after each swipe and repeat as necessary. Once dirt is removed from surface, buff to a clean streak-free shine. Quick Detailer:Spray sparingly onto the paint, glass or chrome and spread using a clean soft cloth or microfiber towel. Flip cloth or microfiber over to buff until desired shine and clarity is achieved. Clay Lube:Spray product onto both clay tool and surface to create proper lubrication. Reapply as needed then wipe surface dry.


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