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Sonax Wheel Cleaner PLUS ( 1 gal)


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Sonax Wheel Cleaner PLUS

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Product Description

3D Cherry Wax makes waxing your car a pleasure by incorporating a delicious cherry scent that will linger throughout your working environment making it the best air freshener for the outside of your car! Not only will it produce a super ultra-slick wet look, but it will also provide a durable protective film blocking out harmful environmental contaminants. Easy on and off formula removes from the surface with little to no effort leaving a long lasting shine. Special optical brightening polymers will make solid colors glisten and give metallic that almost like the flakes are coming out of the clear coat. The wax of choice among 1000’s of car washes, dealerships and mobile detailers. This is the easiest and funniest wax you will ever use by hand or machine. No chalky residue just Gloss, Gloss and more Gloss!!!


Cherry Scented. Will give the ultimate and a deep gloss protection on all paints while helping to protect the paint surface from fall-out and sunlight. Highly recommended for dark cars.

Extra Info

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Cherry Wax to clean, cool surface with your choice of foam or cotton applicator pads. Lightly work onto panel in circular or back and forth motion. Allow to haze and buff off with a soft 100% cotton cloth or 3D Microfiber until you get a brilliant shine. BY MACHINE: Apply 4 small drops to your Dual Action buffer equipped with a Red 3D finishing foam wax pad. Use medium speed to spread thinly over vehicle surface and allow to dry. Remove excess with a clean microfiber or cotton towel.
Pro Detailer Tip: If humid conditions are present, apply thinner layer of product and allow to dry slightly longer. Remove a small portion and check results. Use 3D Final Touch to help reduce inherent haze or cloudiness if needed.


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