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Sonax Tire Gloss Gel ( 16 oz)


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Sonax Tire Gloss Gel

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Product Description

D Nitro Seal TM is a revolutionary two part copolymer paint sealant system that is designed to be used by everyone who owns a vehicle. It is easily applied by hand; so anyone can do it. No need for endless manuals, polishers, or equipment. HD Nitro SealTM will make your car look newer than when you bought it. HD Nitro SealTM, a revolutionary two-part co-polymesynthetic paint sealant technology, is designed to offer the ultimate paint protection available while delivering a superior Melted Glas like effect to the paint. This patented system is the first of its kind. HD Nitro SealTM offers the best in paint protection in the industry. Its extreme water beading properties and polymeric shield will repel contaminants and keep vehicle clean for longer periods of time. Can be used on all exterior hard surfaces of automobiles including glass, metal, chrome, and wheels. Each bottle is carefully topped with nitrogen gas for ultimatpreservation of our leading edge technology. Part A provides excellent surface affinity and spread ability through its incredible wetting feature, helps to anchor the product to the car paint. When Part B is applied over Part A, the two chemicals will react and cure to a superior hard protective coating.

  • Ultimate Protection
  • Melted Glass Effect
  • ake your car’s paint to another level!
  • Unprecedented slickness shine
  • Super easy to apply!
Extra Info

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Thoroughly clean the surface using HD TOTAL interior cleaner. Apply HD PROTECT immediately after using a clean, soft HD Black or Red foam applicator. 3 alterations of finish appearance: Matte: Apply immediately buff surface with semi-damp towel | Satin: Apply let dry | Glossy: Apply 2 coats let dry.


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