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Q2M Wetcoat (500 ml)


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Q2M Wetcoat (500 ml)

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SUPERB MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS FOR OUTSTANDING DETAILING PERFORMANCE. Q?M WetCoat is an instant, brilliantly easy to use hydrophobicity booster. It?s ready to use formula, giving outstanding results in a simple and quick spray on/rinse off process. Despite its ease of use, Q?M WetCoat provides great durability and chemical resistance.

BEST PRACTICE AND PRO-TIPS FROM YVES HEYLEN. Use Q?M WetCoat only on a wet surface and cool panel. Never use the product in direct sunlight. If you?re about to use the product in a warm or hot climate, work in sections. TIP: Rinse Q?M WetCoat immediately. Don?t wait for the product to dwell or react – the reaction happens while you rinse it. Do not spread it with mitts or towels, this is not necessary.

  • CAPACITIES: 500 ML / 1000 ML / 4000 ML
  • CONSUMPTION: 80ml/car
  • PH TOLERANCE: ph 2-11
  • DURABILITY: >12 weeks
  • DURABILITY: ?????
  • GLOSS: ?????
  • BEADING: ?????
  • HARDNESS: ?????
  • SELF-CLEANING: ?????


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