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Q2M Prep (1000 ml)


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Q2M Prep (1000 ml)

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SUPERB MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS FOR OUTSTANDING DETAILING PERFORMANCE. In contrast to other degreasers available on the market, it not only lifts oily substances and residues of paste or old wax but is also very capable of solving them, hence their elimination becomes much easier.

BEST PRACTICE AND PRO-TIPS FROM YVES HEYLEN. Not only does it lift polishing oils, but dissolves them as well. Q?M Prep proves to be the perfect last step pre-coating preparation product. Work in sections using the Q?M PolishWipe. TIP: Q?M Prep is a great degreaser on all surfaces, not only paint. Use it on all elements requiring a perfect, streak-free and ready to coat finish.

  • CAPACITIES: 500 ML / 1000 ML / 4000 ML
  • CONSUMPTION: 150ml/car


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