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Micro Fiber Jumbo Green 27″x 36


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Micro Fiber Jumbo Green 27″x 36

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This huge high performing Green Microfiber towel is 6.75 Sq. Ft (27? X36?). You will be impressed at how versatile this towel is, use it for drying, general cleaning, detailing, and dusting your car. This is one of the best water absorbing microfiber towels in the market. It is safe for all surfaces, will not scratch car paint or any other surface. To care for your microfiber towel use 3D Towel Kleen, low foam laundry machine soap; Do not add bleach or softeners to clean this towel. What makes a micro fiber towel great is that they are designed to be super absorbent and traps more dirt that normal towels, and they are excellent when using on clear coat, removing smudges, grease, and other oils.What is a Microfiber?Microfiber is an unsurpassed cleaning material.

  • Highly absorbent and durable
  • Soft – won’t scratch
  • Safe for all surfaces – including clear coat
  • Removes smudges, grease, and oils with ease – it even picks up dust and microparticles like a magnet
  • Durable Towel

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