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Dual Action Polisher Shine Mate


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Dual Action Polisher Shine Mate

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Product Description

The ERO600 Polisher’s Description and Technical Specifications: Shine-Mate ERO600 is the most user-friendly, paint-safe car polisher on the market! It makes product application, polishing, and buffing faster and more effective than detailing by hand. With variable speeds and a dual-action pad, this polisher is great for novice detailers or seasoned pros that just enjoy the ease of use. The Shine-Mate ERO600 dual action polisher has a host of features that put it in a league all its own when it comes to safety and durability. And the shine on your vehicle will be proof positive that this is one fantastic polisher. Choose from money-saving polisher kits including the Shine-Mate ERO600 DA polisher, foam pads, and buffer accessories. We offer the Shine-Mate ERO600 polisher alone, with pads, and in complete buffer kits with the polisher, pads, and polishes. All kits are packaged to give you the best value. Included in this box :

  • 3 Piece Foam Pad
  • 1 Piece Machine Polisher
  • 1 Piece Backing Plate 5″
  • 1 Piece Counterweight
  • 1 Piece Side Holder
  • 1 Piece Y Key
  • 1 Piece Brush
  • Power: 600W motor
  • Speed: 2800-6800 OPM
  • Dual Action Polisher with 5″ backing pads
  • 600W input power to withstand heavy-duty operation
  • Orbit Diameter 9.0mm for high-fficiency
  • Accessories: Standard 5″ backing pad for 6″ foam pads

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Weight 10 lbs


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