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DeWalt Polisher 849 HD Electric Sander


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Dual Action DeWalt Polisher 849 HD Electric Sander

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The DeWalt 849 is powered with an 8-amp motor that was created to be the greatest and the only polisher that you will need. This car polisher slightly leans on the heavy side at 8.25 lbs; however, this extra added weight actually helps in giving you more control over the power tool while polishing your car. The speed dial located above the handle allows for easier monitoring and changing of the polishing speed with ease, which ranges from 1000 to 3000 rpm. So how do you decide on the best car polisher to buy? We recommend, when deciding between the Dewalt Polisher vs. Porter Cable, professional detailers should lean towards the Dewalt as they probably are more comfortable in using a circular polisher. However, new detailers and weekend detailers should be more careful to avoid burning the paint and therefore should lean towards dual action polishers. The DeWalt 849 polisher is known by many professional detailing mechanics as the best choice for removing all those unwanted scratches, whether they are major scratches or not. However, it should be noted that you will have to be highly skilled in polishing the paint job of a car because when given to the wrong hands, the paint job can get severely damaged. Many seasoned detailing professionals have experienced that when using a variable speed polisher that has circular motions they may be unskilled to handle a circular polisher that may result in burning paint. If you consider yourself a great detailing master, then this DeWalt polisher is perfect for you. If you are looking for a safer handle during polishing consider using the Porter Cable also available for sale at a lower price online.

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