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Clay Magic? Fine Grade Detailing Clay


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Detailing Clay Bar Clay Magic Fine Grade

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Product Description

Clay Magic deep cleans and removes surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt. Makes your finish super-clean and smooth as glass. Safe for all surfaces. Clear coat safe. Fine grade for medium to heavy surface contaminants. Size: 200 gr. bar

  • Fine grade clay bar that is one of the standards in the industry for enthusiasts and professionals
  • Remove embedded surface contamination that does not come off during the washing process
  • Properly preps your paints surface for polishing, using a glaze, sealant and / or wax
  • Helps you get the most out of any step you perform after using the clay bar
  • Use with plenty of clay bar lubricant to minimize any micro-marring that may occur

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