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Bug Remover 24 Ounces


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Bug Removers for Cleaning the Bugs and Insects off

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Product Description

Bug Removers for Cleaning the Bugs and Insects off your Cars Bug remover is especially designed to remove bug and insects from the exterior surfaces of your car. This enzyme based product will rapidly loosen-up and eliminate the protein based stains off your vehicle. It’s not possible for you to only wipe bugs off your car with a car soap. Sometimes the sun makes the bugs and incests stick to the paint of your car and the grill, after they get baked on they can be stubborn to remove. So consider using 3D Bug Remover Solution with a bug sponge specially designed to be gentle yet tough when trying to get your car’s paint clean. The best thing to do is apply some bug remover on the affected areas. It’s an effective and environment-friendly way to get rid-off dried bug and insects. You can ask others who have had their share of using the car bug remover, this is the easiest method. Most of the comments you will get is that this remover has made it a lot easier for car owners to get rid of all protein based stains particularly in the windshield and hood of the car where most of the bug and insects reside. Wondering How do I remove bugs from my winshield What makes the bug remover such an effective cleaner is the components that make it up. Designed to loosen the dried bug deposits on any part of your car, making them easier to get rid of. Along with the remover itself, certain cleaning tools like the 3D bug sponge can make the cleaning a lot faster and a lot more effective. All of this makes for an easier car cleaning experience. You can also use this on your motorcycles after you’ve been dirt biking and you happened to get some insects stuck on your motor cross vehicle.

  • Easily removes bug stains
  • Breaks up and dissolves protein based stains
  • Safe on car paint and windshields
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Wet car first before using this product. (VERY IMPORTANT TO USE ON A COOL SURFACE). For regular use, dilute 1:10 parts water and for heavy duty, dilute 1:4. Spray diluted 3D Bug Remover on to the surface and let the enzymes work for few minutes. Rinse and wash with 3D Pink Car Soap to neutralize or run the car through a car wash tunnel.

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