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3D Odor X (16 oz)


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3D Odor X (16 oz)

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3D Odor X is a thorough and easy to use odor neutralizer that will absorb deep into the surfaces of your interior to eliminate all unpleasant odors! 3D Odor X uses an enzyme-based formula that works on the molecular level to eat away at the bacteria that causes the odors rather than mask the scent. Once 3D Odor X has worked to destroy the odor causing bacteria, it will leave behind a fresh and pleasant scent in its place! 3D Odor X can be used to freshen the smell of interior surface in just one spray! It is unfortunately extremely easy for the interior of your car to develop an unpleasant. It contains just as many absorbent surfaces and materials as the inside of your house! However, the smells and messes created in your car have even more drastic consequences thanks to the baking heat that your car will often experience. Even if you live in a colder climate, because there is very little air flow throughout your closed car, smells settle, and they settle quickly.

3D Odor X is the solution to this all too common and all too unpleasant struggle that car owners face! 3D Odor X is different from standard air fresheners because it does more than just use a pleasant scent to mask the odors in your car. 3D Odor X was formulated using specialized, enzyme-based odor eliminators that actually work on the molecular level to remove the stench from your car. The odor you smell is caused by microscopic bacteria that collect around or are created by the messes that occur in your car. 3D Odor X?s odor eliminators target and eat these odor-causing bacteria and neutralize them! Then, once 3D Odor X has destroyed every trace of unpleasant scent, it will fill your entire interior with a fresh and enjoyable scent. The scent will last for quite a while and will make you cherish getting into your car every day!


  • Spray 3D Odor X liberally onto the surfaces of your interior.
  • Apply 3D Odor X even more heavily to area that are known causes of foul stench.
  • Allow 3D Odor X to dry on the surface completely.
  • If any scent remains, repeat this process until all odor is eliminated.


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